• Most makeup trends come from New York and European fashion runway. Each season there is always something new to interpret and incorporate into our everyday beauty routines in a way that is flattering for our unique features.

    For this blog I chose an eye makeup style from New York fashion week Spring 2016. This is a fresh natural effortless look that looks good on every color skin and all age ranges.

    Fresh Natural Eyes

    Start with a small amount of eyeshadow primer all over your eyelid. I like to use tart 24 hour creaseless primer. With my mature skin I have found this has been the one that doesn't over accentuate crepey skin on the eyelid. Let it set in for a couple of minutes if you can. That way each eye with primer can set up evenly and you don't end up with different opacities when you put the eyeshadow on. Now that you're ready for eyeshadow pat a warm or slightly cool color, I'm using here, apply all the way across the lid with a flat rounded filbert type brush. Then using the same color eyeshadow sweet back-and-forth across the crease of your lid, extending just slightly over the fold of your eyelid.

    The next step is mascara, I'm using. I like it because it's paraben free and as with all the tart products, they are cruelty free. Apply to top and bottom lashes enough to color and add fullness but not overly cakey. Now don't forget your eyebrows. Eyebrows frame the eyes and properly filled in they can give you a polished look in keeping with this natural sun kissed look. I'm using the universal pencil color made by It Cosmetics, penciling it in lightly into just the areas where there is spareness and extending to the outer ends of the eyebrow to meet a diagonal from the outer I corner.

    That is all you need to achieve this natural effortless eye makeup look!


    I sometimes use the same blush color I plan to wear on my cheeks. Don't be afraid to choose a bold color but be careful to apply lightly so the color looks almost airbrushed in a see-through way.