• We invest a lot of money into makeup and sometimes formulas can dry up before actually using a reasonable amount of the cosmetic.  If the makeup is expired or have any doubt, time to toss it and time to buy a new one or possibly try a different formula. If the makeup is not expired there are some things you can do to get more for you money.

    Dried Out Mascara

    Mascara by nature starts drying out the second we open the packaging. Whatever you do don't pump the wand back and forth as a habit! This only introduces even more air and who know what else into the chamber of the mascara. If you feel you need more mascara on the wand try pulling the wand half way out and then twirling slightly scraping the sides to collect more on the wand. Now to fix dried out or clumpy mascara just add a few drops of contact saline solution or regular eye drops inside the mascara tube. Close it up and shake it or hit gently it against your hand to distribute. Pull the wand out and check to see if it's loosened enough. If not add a few more drops and then it's ready to use again!

    Dried Out Gel Liner

    It's almost a given that gel liner will dry out before the contents are used and before its expiration. To revive gel liner add a few drops of grain alcohol or stearyl alcohol to the container. Don't use pharmacy isopropyl alcohol. In cosmetics it is considered a bad alcohol. With a cosmetic or sculpting spatula incorporate the gel liner and alcohol together until workable and smooth. Press the makeup back down to keep it from being exposed to as much air as possible. Voila better than ever usable liner.

    Broken Shadow or Blush

    I'm always sad when a perfectly good pressed compact of my favorite blush or eyeshadow breaks into pieces. One option of course is to just break it all up into a mineral powder makeup and put into a small jar with a lid and just use it as a loose powder. But if you're like me I prefer to have the pressed compact, it travels better and is less messy. Making the blush or eyeshadow back into a pressed form is easier than you think.

    1) Crush up the broken makeup with a back of a spoon inside the compact
    2) Take some stearyl alcohol or grain alcohol and and put enough into the powder to make a loose paste. Mix it around with a metal cosmetic spatula or stir stick or anything found at home that is similar. Once mixed thoroughly find an object close to same size and shape as the pan of makeup like a small jar or container. You will also need a plastic and a paper towel. Put the paper towel under the plastic bag and put the object or container inside the plastic baggie. Push the container into to makeup paste and press firmly. Lift up carefully and move the paper towel to a clean area, press again firmly. By now it should look already a hundred times better. Let it dry overnight open faced and tada your pressed compact is new again!